Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Hair Color, & New Published Story!

CHICKENS!!! I have SO much news--my hair has recently become sublime, yes (due to the combined efforts of Karie Koltz at Salon Ciba and Blane Hummer at Raven Salon), but more importantly my short story, "The Hereafter Party," will soon appear in Issue #9 of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine (SHMM to those in-the-know). I DON'T KNOW when, exactly, the print/Kindle issue will be available, but February-ish is a good bet. So I'm messing about with my hair and getting stories published, is what I'm doing on the surface; but believe me when I say there's a good bit of angst going on behind the scenes. January is coming full-steam with its self-employment TAXES, which are like Voldemort for creative people, and I don't have any more short stories making the submission rounds. "Stuck" and "The Milquetoast of Paris" are great literary stories I'm trying to find a home for, then I have a couple others to finish and send out. BUT...Biloxi Suite Trapeze (novel) is my priority, followed by Do What You Want: A Barber's Journal, my memoir about doing hair in the 90's. What to do--finish the novel; the memoir; or the short stories?? Throw in a couple editing jobs and hairstyling shifts, and....you have my Christmas in a coconut shell.

I actually LOVE writing work, and HATE Christmas, but always, for 20 years now, imagine myself as a person in command of the holidays: tree, presents, time off. This phantom person I inhabit is pretty much Rob Lowe in the movie Wayne's World --suave, monied, and au courant.

I hope everyone has a lovely time these next two holiday weeks, regardless of religious affiliation. I won't be getting that big Rob Lowe tv, but that's okay. Just buy Issue # 9 of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine!

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  1. I like the new hair with the new glasses! I can't wait to read the new story!