Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Client John Coons ROCKS--Check Out His Latest Webisode (With My Cameo!)

Chickens! I normally try to keep a substantial wall between my writing- and hair- personas on this blog, but right now I just can't help myself: my supremely talented singer / songwriter / actor client  John Coons is releasing the full video of his one-man show, "Six Months For Six Weeks," in six, 13-minute Webisodes, the latest of which features a cameo of Moi,Truly!!!  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx38gNyHcfE, minute 8:19-10:01, FYI).

John is--of *course*--a genius, which is evident in ALL thirteen minutes of this episode, as well as the entirety of Webisode One: http://johncoonsmusic.com/six-months-for-six-weeks/ . However, he--as a talented and attractive performer--is used to the limelight, while I am NOT, so I will continue to plug my minute-and-a-half of Web Glory both here and on Facebook. I DO hope you will check out either one or both of his Webisodes; he is smart and funny and lovely to gaze upon. And--just between you & me--I have to admit that his hair DOES look great, so if you like what you see, come on down to Raven Salon, where we support both the arts and great hair!!!

Ciao for now, chickens--there's a salmonella outbreak going on, but I still LOVE YOU!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Got Mugged.

This is the purse ("Tiger In Love" by Anuschka) that was forcibly snatched from me six weeks ago by a crackhead who pointed a sweatshirt-wrapped hand at me like he was holding a gun. Oh, yes, I actually DO know for a fact that he was a crackhead; he turned himself in the next day for stealing the car he drove up behind me with before mugging me, and admitted he was high on crack at the time. The whole affair was an awful business I am only just now getting over, but I do hope that in light of this infomation you will forgive my blog silence of a couple months. I also hope that if you by any chance encounter the above purse and/or its contents in a ditch somewhere between Capitol Hill and Northgate, where it was allegedly tossed from a stolen car, you might consider returning it to me. I would very much appreciate it. 

In any event, I guess I have my answer as to a previous blog entry's question about dropping groceries in times of stress. I actually WAS carrying a brown bag of groceries (well, a six-pack of bottled beer and packet of chicken breasts) when I was mugged, and dropped it without thinking when I ran away from my assailant. I very much hope that you never have to experience this for yourself, but if you do I hope you'll have a couple of Good Neighbor Angels like Phil and David to help you out (thanks, guys, and I'll get those laundered sweats back to you any day now!)

ANYWAY, there is good publishing news: Erotique 5 in January 2014 will feature two of my new sexy-stories, and the March 2014 issue of Storylandia will feature a welcome reprint of my very first published story, "Celebrity Sperm Bank"!!! I am biased, of course, but all three are VERY entertaining stories, even if you don't normally like short stories. I will of course be plugging these even more as publication looms, just wanted to give you a head's-up now....

I hope all has recently been well with you, chickens; it's been a rough summer on my end, but things are looking up. I will keep you updated on all things published and/or interesting!