Thursday, July 4, 2013

Erotique 4 Is Now On Sale!!!

Don't let the pastels fool you...
Chickens!!! Am terribly sorry to bother you again so soon, but when it rains, it often POURS---I have yet another published story to report!!! 

The Wapshott Journal of Erotica's Erotique 4 is now out in both print and e-form: 

The issue is gorgeous (just look at the cover--swoon--above!), sassy, and chock-full of fantastically sexy submissions, including a reprint of my very own "Break-Up Sex," which first appeared online at in February 2012.

The classy & fabulous Erotique 4 holds many delights, and I advise pacing yourself--I tore through it greedily from cover to cover in one night, yet now look forward to savoring the nuances of each piece in a more civilized manner.

(PS--Erotique 5 (out in January 2014) will also contain one of my stories, be on the lookout...)