Saturday, September 8, 2012

Molly Ringwald & Master Class in Memoir

Hello, my chickens:

So, rec'd a partial scholarship for Peter Mountford's Master Class in Memoir at Hugo House this fall, start next week! Am thrilled/terrified, since haven't written non-fiction in some time.

Last night went to see my teenage idol MOLLY RINGWALD read at Elliott Bay Books for her new book of short stories, When It Happens To You. SO charming/eloquent/funny/erudite! She made me want to be her all over again (FYI, "To Be Molly Ringwald" was the sole goal of my 14-year-old-self). It's incredibly reassuring to know that the person you've looked up to for almost thirty years (!!!) is someone you still want to BE.

She was just lovely, and looks EXACTLY the same as in her 80's movies. And, she's a darned good writer--I LOVED her memoir, Getting the Pretty Back, and now When It Happens To You looks like more of the same wonderful writing; I read the first couple pages before bed last night, and was blown away--it's going to be such a fantastic read!

Will stay in touch--as of now am keeping my Thursday hours at Raven, where my current barber schedule is: Mon, Thur-Sat: 9AM-3PM.

Sold an at-cost copy of the Spring 2012 Storylandia (featuring my short story, "The Deepest Crease Visible") this week from my hairstyling station (Thanks, Bruce!)--$4 gets you my great story plus an autograph! I also have at-cost copies of the Winter 2012 Storylandia (featuring my short story "See You There," $4) and the Summer No. 33 2011 issue of The Ledge Magazine (featuring my short story "Celebrity Sperm Bank," $8)

Still day-dreamin' about Molly...