Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Schedule Changes

Man! I am fit to let out a Justin Wilson-sized Whoooo--EEEE!!! over how very long it's been since I've posted (please find the venerable Cajun cook here: Where have I been these past few weeks? Working a whole lot on little-to-no sleep: the Sweetie Baby Catgirl-Face has been yowling just a few hours each night for the past four months, keeping me awake at night & groggy come day. Kiki is still ridiculously cute--I'd take a picture & show you but I'm too tired. Here's hoping her new pain meds bring sweet, sweet silence tonight!!!

It's Gay Pride weekend here in Seattle, and Raven is opening late tomorrow (Monday, June 25th) in order to help any employees who might be celebrating with a drink right now ease into the workday. The shop will be open 11AM-6PM, and I'll be working 11AM until 4-or-5PM.
Other Summer Schedule Changes: 
*  Thursday, July 5th: opening at 11AM (instead of 9AM)
*  Monday, July 9th: open regular hours but closed 1PM-3PM for an American Crew advanced education class (PS--If any of y'all with a full head of hair want to be my model for a free clipper cut, please contact me ASAP!) I'm working 9AM-1PM that day.

That's all the changes so far, but please remember that I DO WORK ON MONDAYS, AND IT'S TOTALLY SLOW SO YOU CAN GET IN/OUT REALLY QUICKLY! Remember: Thursdays are going, going, GONE, soon!!!

Love you, miss you, zzzzzzzz.......