Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life Does NOT Include Jeremy Renner

I tried to post a permissioned-photo of Mr. Renner on this blog, but it didn't work took over everything! Will have to hope that all y'all already know what he looks like--he's still a super-fox, and my first pick to play Pieter in the movie of my book, Biloxi Suite Trapeze.

I am at the climax of my book!!! This probably sounds a lot more exciting than it actually is, and is actually causing me a lot of stress.While I do have a concrete endpoint for my novel--i.e. the last scene--I don't actually know what happens between now and then, so every day is an "adventure" (i.e. stress-fest), and the demand of producing daily pages is seriously cutting into my karaoke time. Karaoke is fantastic, because you get to both sing, and the lyrics magically appear before you on the teleprompter. Writing, on the other hand, involves an iTunes soundtrack (Muse, for me right now, since that worked for Stephenie Meyer, and they do kinda rock) and a bunch of sitting around typing in sweatpants. Not the sort of thing Kate Hudson would find sexy, to go with our Muse analogy.

I am writing, and neglecting my dishes, and hoping to wrap this book up in an imaginative way....

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