Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is That All There Is, Or Might Life Contain Jeremy Renner?

Oh, my god this blog is boring...I know its main function is to provide access to my story publication info and/or reading appearances, but come on--as Peggy Lee once sang: "Is That All There Is?"

I just completed Hugo House's ten-week "Master Class in Prose," (as chronicled by my friend/fellow MFA survivor Elissa Washuta, here: and several of my fellow students have committed to an informal writing group where we'll continue workshopping each other's writing.We're taking a poll to see what times/dates/venues work for everyone, and this made me think I should perhaps do something similar to decide which direction my blog should take.I really can't let it be the free-for-all gossip fest I'd like it to be (at least not until everyone I know dies, and/or I don't need a day job anymore), so that leaves the topics of:

1) Crippling Self-Doubt (I'm never going to finish my book, and even if I do it's gooing to suck)

2) Persian Cats (They are perfection! Although...I really don't care about them outside of my own cat, Kiki)

3) My Jeremy Renner Obsession (For those new to this blog/my life: every three months I have a different Celebrity Crush, some unattainable young buck who has caught my fancy for some reason or other and keeps me up at night. J. Renner held that position this time last year, and has come back to make history as the first "Paullette Gaudet Celebrity Crush Returnee," just in time for his December release of Mission Impossible: 4? 5? Am not sure what number they are up to now, but all you need to know that it is in theaters around Xmas and features Jeremy Renner.

Where were we? Oh yes, you should vote, if you are visiting this blog. The writing/publishing info is going ri remain, but am seriously trying to decide if I should also include book reviews and cyclical celebrity obsessions along with.

Vote below, in the Comments Section!!!


  1. You can only do #3 if you post photos and I decide he's hot. #2 will probably not work for me because now that it's winter my cat's survival instincts are really kicking in and she's been making herself cuter than ever so that I will take extra care of her during these cold, difficult months; I take at least ten photos per day of her looking adorable. I'd say go with #1, because self-doubt is what the internet is all about.

  2. I vote you continue with the celebrity gossip and book reviews!!

  3. Also, can I link to your blog on mine? :-)