Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #9--featuring my story "The Hereafter Party"-- is LIVE!!!!

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #9 (epub/Kindle)
Which should Holmes shoot first--the spectral were-hound, or that peasant blouse missing its front???

Chickens!!! The long-awaited publication of SHMM #9--featuring my story, "The Hereafter Party"--has occurred! It's available now!! In both print and digital formats!!! Gaze upon its gorgeous cover above!!!!!!!!

You may notice (as did I) that my name does not appear on the cover. I have no explanation for this. BUT, my story is indeed inside--I promise!!!

If you'd like to learn more about "The Hereafter Party's" origin story, please click on "The Next Big Thing," my self-interview chain-post about my then-upcoming SHMM piece. If you'd like to read the story itself--right now!--it's available in both print and e-pub/Kindle formats here at Wildside Press, and you may also find it in print (and write a review!) here at Amazon.

I am very excited to see this story in print--and in such a pedigreed publication! I DO hope you'll give it a look; it's quite entertaining.

Well, I must go now in order to seek out my fainting couch, since it's been much the eventful day--what with the surprise of receiving my SHMM contributor copies in the mail this afternoon and all...

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