Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Academic Barbie" Is On Intellectual!!!

At long last, my personal essay, "Academic Barbie," will post on the Intellectual Refuge site this Friday, May 18th!!!

Hope you can check it out!


  1. Hey, Just finished reading Academic Barbie, and I have to say I love it very much. Love the way you thread Educating Rita, and the Barbie theme throughout the narrative. I was published in Intellectual Refuge also, my piece, Drama Days is here.

    Congratulations on a beautiful piece.

    -Adam Strong

  2. Adam, I'm thrilled you enjoyed my essay! Thanks so much for your lovely post, it made my day.

    Thanks also for the link to your own piece, I loved how the momentum snowballed, increasing the tension up until that great last line--wonderful!

    I so appreciate you taking the time to comment, and look forward to reading more of your published work!