Friday, February 3, 2012

The Biloxi Book

The book is going; if it's going well...I couldn't say. The past couple months of cat-stress have greatly slowed progress, as well as the recent surprise people-deaths of close family members and friends. It's really been a difficult few months; the first truly "adult" winter of my life, I suppose, where terrible things can't be reset with a quick joke or laugh. In any event, I am still working on The Biloxi Book, and it looks like Storylandia 5 (containing my short story, "See You There") will be published any day now.


I am going to miss Mardi Gras this year--after five straight rides with Slidell's Krewe of Selene, I will be at home in Seattle with Kiki when our parade rolls on Friday, February 17th. I couldn't afford it this year even before Kiki's crazy nerve mass, but I am truly, truly sorry to miss out on what has become a yearly family ritual, from my dad helping load bags of beads onto my float, to catching up on a year's worth of news with my aunt Denise while we throw beads to the screaming masses of Slidell, LA, during our three-hour parade ride. I would have swung it this year if there was any possible way, but it just didn't work out. Hopefully I will be able to reclaim my spot next year.

The picture above (taken by me in Spring 2011) is the pool area of the Beau Rivage Casino Hotel in Biloxi, MS, the inspiration for the Belle Carnivale Casino Hotel's pool area in my novel, Biloxi Suite Trapeze. It isn't exactly like this in the book, but this photo might give you an idea of the mood the book has, all sun-splashed & stylish.You can imagine the lead trapezist, Travina, swimming here, right? And the Sagarat! jugglers tossing ashtrays into the pool after a night of drinking. And, of course, Pieter and Margot sipping mimosas under a poolside umbrella, after a tumbling lesson....

So I guess this picture is a teaser for the novel!

Check back for more news, I am watching my life closely and will report anything interesting on this blog.

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